Lesson 10a: Vocabulary


Make sure you know what the following words stand for. Think of situations where they would come in handy.

Click here to have them read out.


[νικάω] νικῶ, I defeat, I win 
ἡ σπονδή, τῆς σπονδῆς, libation (drink offering) 
καλῶς, well 
φεῦ, alas! 

Extra words:

ὁ ἥλιος ἀνατέλλει, the sun rises 
τὸ θέατρον, the theatre 
πρωί, early
πολλοί, many =>  πλεῖστοι, very many; most 
[πληρόω] πληρῶ, I fill, am filling 
[θαρρέω] θαρρῶ - θάρρει
! (imperative!)
ὁ θρᾶνος, τοῦ θράνου, bench 
ὁ σαλπιγκτής, τοῦ σαλπιγκτοῦ, trumpeter 
σαλπίζω, I sound the trumpet 
[εὐφημέω] εὐφημῶ, I keep holy silence 
ὁ ἄναξ, τοῦ ἄνακος, lord 
ἡ ὀρχήστρα, τῆς ορχήστρας, the dancing circle 
[ὑμνέω] ὑμνῶ, I hymn, praise
χορεύω, ( dance 
ἐφεξῆς, in order 
ἀγωνίζομαι, I compete 
ἄριστα, very well; best 
ὁ στέφανος, crown, garland