Future Tense

Used for talking about what is going to happen, or will be tomorrow, next week, 2 years from now. Or in a minute.

The Future Tense in all (nearly) its glory here.

A little practice:
I'll use a few modern Greek words for modern things like television (far + seeing) and radio(phony) (easy + sound):

καθ' ἑσπέραν βλέπω τηλεόρασιν
   I suppose therefore that tonight I shall...
   βλέψω τηλεόρασιν.
καὶ σύ, ἆρα βλέπεις καὶ σὺ τηλεόρασιν  καθ' ἑσπέραν;
   and later on tonight ἆρ' βλέψεις τηλεόρασι καὶ σύ; 

οὐκ ἀκούω πολλάκις τὸ ῥαδιόφωνον. 
   ἴσως ἀκούσομαι αὐριον.
   ἆρ' πολλάκις ἀκούεις ῥαδιόφωνον; 
And you, tonight, will you ....?
   ἆρ' ἀκούσῃ ῥαδιόφωνον;
   παίσεις; - χαρταῖς; σφαίρᾳ; (play? cards? ball?)

Next week-end, will you and your spouse/friends/children....?

  • οἴκοι ἔσεσθε ἢ πορεύσεσθέ ποι; (somewhere)
  • Where to? ποῖ πορεύσεσθε;
  • παίσετε σφαίρᾳ;
  • πότερον ἀναπαύσεσθε ἢ ἐργάσεσθε;
  • (εἰ κῆπον ἔχετε) πονήσετε ἐν τῷ κήπῳ;
    (εἰ κῆπον ἔχετε) σκάψετε τὸν κῆπον;
  • θεωρήσετε ἀγῶνά τινα; (some contest or other)
  • ἀπαντήσετε φίλους καὶ διαλέξεσθε ἀλλήλοις; (ἀπαντάω = I meet)