Aorist Tense: Imperative
do it!

Simple fact.
Once and for all.


The endings are exactly the same as in the Present Imperative. Added to the aorist stem of course.
 Note  The singular middle form is always stressed/pitched -οῦ

      do it! (sg)     do it! (pl)  
  active       -ετε
  middle     -ο   -εσθε


Present   Aorist    
singular plural singular plural
 αἱρεῖ [έ-ε]
 αἱροῦ [έ-ου]
 ἀφικνοῦ [έ-ου]
 αἱρεῖτε [έ-ε]
 αἱρεῖσθε [έ-ε]
 ἀφικνεῖσθε [έ-ε]
 take! capture!
 throw! pelt!
 arrive! get there!