So far the story has been told in the present tense, as if it were happening right now.
Which of course it isn't. It all took place nearly 2500 years ago, so we had better learn how to understand verb forms used to describe past events.
We'll need 2 tenses:
Imperfect for progressive or repeated aspect
Aorist for simple aspect: simple straightforward telling of facts, stories, relating the specific rather than the general
I used to write letters to my mother. Imperfect:  ἔγραφον 
I was writing a letter to her [when she rang]. Imperfect: ἔγραφον 
I didn't finish that letter. Aorist: οὐκ ἔγραψα 
This ἔγραψα is 1st aorist (lesson 12), endings in α, stem changes according to definite rules


Philip having become blind, what were they to do? They couldn't go home, but it was too late to find a doctor.
So Myrrhine lamented. In what words?
Luckily Dikaiopolis had a brother living in Athens. Maybe he could help. In what ways?
What did they decide to do?
How did they spend the night? (Where the women? where the men?)






ἀφ'  ἵππων μάχονται 
ἐφ'  ἵπποις πορεύονται