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πταίω, πταίων, I stumble; stumbling
εἰς τοῦ ἰατροῦ, to the doctor['s house, clinic, place]
ἐπανῆλθεν, he, she, it returned
βάλλ' εἰς κόρακας, go to the crows! = Go to hell!
ὦ δαιμόνιε, my dear fellow
οὐ σχολὴ αὐτῷ, he has no free time = he is busy
καλῶ, I call, am calling but also: I will call
εἴ πως ἐθέλει, If somehow, if perhaps he's willing to ....
ὀλίγον τινὰ χρόνον μένουσιν, they wait a short while
ἡ αὐλή, τῆς αὐλῆς, the courtyard
Χολλείδης , [a man] from Cholleidae village/deme
δύναμαι, I can, am able
ἰᾶσθαι, ἰάομαι, to heal, I heal
πένης, πένητος, poor (=no money)
σὸν ἔργον, that's your problem
λυπούμενος, λυπουμένη, λυπούμενον, sad, grieving
ἔστω, so be it! all right!
ἡ ἀνάγκη, τῆς ἀνάγκης, necessity
πεζῇ, on foot [to go on foot]
ὁ ναύκληρος, τοῦ ναυκλήρου, the ship's captain
μὴ φρόντιζε, don't worry!
ἡ κυψέλη, τῆς κυψέλης, a chest (for keeping things in)
χάριν ἔχω - χάριν ἔχων, to thank - giving thanks to, thanking
ὦ φίλτατ', my dearest [friend, brother]
εὔφρων, εὔφρονος, εὔφρονι, ...., kind [thinking well of people => being nice to them]