2nd Paragraph


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And so, [after] bidding grandad and Melitta goodbye, they set off and soon, having arrived at the city gates, chose the road [leading] towards the harbour. [And] The road leading through the Long Walls was straight; and many people were on it, and many wagons and many mules carrying their burdens, either towards the city or from the city towards the harbour. And Dikaiopolis hurries through the crowd since he wants to arrive as quickly as possible. But Philip, despite holding on to his father's hand, stumbled and fell down on the ground. And his mother crying out said: "Oh you poor child, what's wrong?" And running to him lifted him up. But he, not having suffered any harm, said: "Don't worry, mother, for despite the fall [having fallen] I'm fine." But his mother still worries and scrutinizes him.