Greek Course Athenaze

Study Aids



The first step towards learning Attic Greek is made. The course-book:

ATHENAZE: An Introduction to Ancient Greek
Maurice Balme and Gilbert Lawall
Oxford University Press

In case you need a little help in order to get the most out of reading it without falling into the translating trap, I want to show you how I used the book to teach myself ancient Greek without stress or frustration. I firmly believe learning should be a pleasurable experience, not bitter medicine.

It's now up to you to try and learn to read ancient Greek for meaning and enjoyment.

You will also have to have a Greek font installed on your computer. Check the following:


ὁ αἴλουρός μου ἡσυχάζει ἐν τῷ κήπῳ

If the sentence - about my tom-cat having himself a [well-deserved] rest in the garden - appears in gibberish, you haven't got any of my Unicode fonts installed on your computer. But you'll need one to be able to read my pages. Go   here   to see what fonts are available and download one of them.